An Additional Tool In the Recruiting Toolbox

Recruiting new employees is hard enough — but what about judging their technical qualifications thoroughly and efficiently? If you are a hiring manager or recruitment agency, a recruiter or sourcer, you know that getting good applicants is only half the battle. Judging them is the real challenge.

What we — SourcingTest.Online — offer is an innovative new tool to add to your toolbox. Gamification is a concept that has long been used by marketers and is now being expanded into other realms, including job recruiting and hackathons.

By creating sophisticated, bespoke game environments that will meet your analytic needs, we can help you evaluate potential job candidates. Our custom-designed online gaming environment will test their skills, making the entire recruitment process more fun — and efficient — by using the power of real-time data collection.
What we do is build custom game environments. Our products will bring out the competitive instincts of your applicants. This will inspire them to use the job skills you’re looking for as they play the games we have designed for you — which will in turn highlight the candidates that have the baseline skillset you’re seeking.

It’s an efficient process that saves you time while being fair, transparent, and scalable.

Our customized games are also very adaptable to hackathons, which are steadily gaining popularity in the business community. We can help you setup in-house hackathons — which will gauge the performance level of your current team — or sponsor external hackathons that can be a powerful recruitment tool in the contemporary labor market.

Training and Follow-Up

Gamification is also a great tool for the training and continuing education of employees.
It can be a part of training sessions or seminars — adding some excitement and novelty to what can too often be mundane affairs — or used in follow-up assessments after training.
The bottom line is that gamification is a powerful, flexible tool — for recruiters, sourcers, trainers, and anyone in the human resources field.

The First Step Is Listening

Again, it can’t be stressed enough how customizable our gamification systems are. But an important first step is required — listening to you. We need to know your circumstances, your workplace needs, and exactly what your analytical goals are.
That’s why listening hard and building a strong, communicative relationship with you is one of our first goals. 
Once we’ve done that, we can move onto designing a gamification system that will help you to streamline, enhance, and modernize your recruitment and sourcing operations.

Gamification Is Not New, But the Tech Is

Gamification incorporates modern-sounding concepts such as game theory and big data to give shape to a concept that isn’t actually that new. As far back as the 19th-century retailers were using simple games to build brand loyalty. The collection of stamps or box tops were used in games that led to prizes being won. These early examples of gamification are now part of the lore of large-scale marketing.

Since then educators, trainers, and governmental agencies have used the gamification concept to provide learning tools and data gathering systems.
What’s new today is computing power. With modern gamification systems, data feedback can be provided systematically and quickly as part of real-time role-playing scenarios.

This provides recruiters and sourcers with new opportunities. Applicants can be put into virtual worlds that mimic the “real world.” Their interactions with the game scenarios will provide an immediate display of their understanding and utilization of common concepts and best practices.
More information — and better information — can be gathered more quickly and efficiently. And as more common skills are tested and overcome, more refined and obscure knowledge can then be tested, thus creating a baseline of the candidate’s proficiencies.