Why SourcingTest?

SourcingTest is an assessment tool for companies, agencies, freelancers,
sourcing trainers or learning platforms.


SourcingTest is a customizable application that could be used in various environments. Our customized games are also very adaptable to hackathons, which are steadily gaining popularity in the business community.

We can help you set up in-house hackathons—which will gauge the performance level of your current team—or sponsor external hackathons that can be a powerful recruitment tool in the contemporary labor market.

SourcingTest was created with flexibility in mind, and because it is a customizable application, it could be used in various environments. It is an assessment tool for companies, agencies, freelancers, sourcing trainers or learning platforms.

SourcingTest is suitable for:

Companies and Agencies

Recruiting new employees is hard enough, but what about judging their technical qualifications thoroughly and efficiently? If you are a hiring manager or recruitment agency, a recruiter or sourcer, you know that getting good applicants is only half the battle. Judging them is the real challenge.

Sourcing Trainers

Test your attendees before and right after your training to see how much they learn. Share this data with the company that has hired you to demonstrate how effective your training was. Or reward them with the sourcing game at the end of the training session to keep them engaged.

Learning Platforms

Do you have a learning platform for recruiters and sourcers? Don’t rely on basic quizzes. Instead, offer your users quizzes with real-life examples.

Test your users before and after your online lessons to show them their progress. You can give them their final test at the end of your lesson and reward them with certification at the end of the course based on their real knowledge.

Various Trainings

Various TrainingsSourcingTest is also a great tool for both online and offline training and the continued education of employees.It can be a part of training sessions or seminars—adding some excitement and novelty to what can too often be mundane affairs—or be used in follow-up assessments after training.

The bottom line is that gamification is a powerful, flexible tool for recruiters, sourcers, trainers, and anyone in the human resources field.