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We will provide our assessment solution, help you with onboarding, and be here to support you throughout the duration of your contract.

Custom Sourcing Test

If your team is too busy to create sourcing tests and assessments, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! We believe in the power of games—games that serve as a learning incentive for all generations. We will design tailor-made games or gamification projects that target your company’s learning challenges.

Custom Sourcing Hackathon

Long-term, publicly displayed leaderboards drive external motivation. That’s why creating a sourcing hackathon can be one of the strategies to gamify the process of attracting ideal candidates—candidates who will never apply because they are not actively looking for a job. However, they can learn more about your company through the hackathon you create for them. And the winner(s) could be awarded a noteworthy title or some form of company swag.

Gamify your onboarding

A new recruiter or sourcer is joining your team? Gamify the onboarding process in a way that makes your employees feel comfortable when it comes to asking for help. Through games, you can help them learn more about your company and the current team as you evaluate their sourcing skills.

Custom-made Solution for Your Company

Are you looking for something special? Let us know! We are more than happy to help you by providing a custom-made solution that is tailored to the needs of your company.

Gamification can play a vital role in identifying top talent, keeping them in your company and helping your current team improve their sourcing skills. 

And has significant value as an assessment tool. Interviews have been used for many years, but they’re prone to bias. Candidates can easily prepare their responses to interview questions before the interview, but with gamified assessments, you can include real situational tests for skills and behaviors that candidates will use on the job.

Unlike a resume, games can't be faked.