Benefits of SourcingTest

Implementing gamification programs in the company
presents many advantages and benefits.

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Benefits of SourcingTest

Real-time progress

See the real-time progress of your candidates, employees or hackathon attendees. With just a few clicks, you will see where people are struggling and which sourcing questions are easy for them.

Better candidate experience

Gamification assessment can be an effective method for evaluating applicants before you invite them in for a formal interview. Adding a game to the process can be a new experience—one that is different to what your competitors will offer them.

Attract top talent

Hackathons will help you to attract people who want to work for a company that celebrates results and gives public praise for great performance.

Learning 24/7

SourcingTest is the perfect alternative to a training presentation or slides. Your team will learn in their own time and at their own pace.

Increase performance and productivity

Find out who is truly interested and motivated. Through leaderboards and contests, you will incite friendly competition for better performance. And by introducing the right kind of gamification to the interview process, hiring managers can bring more efficiency and insight to the important task of recruiting.

Improve creativity

With out-of-the-box assessments, you’ll be able to test their creativity and innovative thinking in practice and motivate them to think outside the box during these challenges.

Reinforce key behaviors

Gamification creates a positive feedback loop for behaviors that drive results. Game dynamics place challenges in the path of motivated users when they are finding the game easy.

Find non-productive employees

Through gamification, you can monitor the engagement of your team. Our system also helps you to identify people who are not performing, as well as those who are cheating, allowing you to remove them from your hackathons and trainings.

There are many benefits to gamification that help in enhancing the learning process for employees at all levels. No matter your size or location, SourcingTest can help improve your sourcing and recruitment assessments, interviews and training. Get in touch and we can help create a plan that works best for your organization.